June 2, 2014

Love is LOVE

Tonight, Facebook made me smile. I'm one to bemoan Facebook. It's abusive, a time-suck, annoying,  addictive and more. It annoys me sometimes more than provides information and entertainment. I go there to burn a few minutes, see what's going on with the world and move on.

The Facebook app? Worse. I HATE it. I've started hating the app more and more and am finding myself using it less and less as time evolves. Tonight, it served me something I missed, that was 9 hours old. Even though I ask for my news feed to display "most recent" it serves me old news from hours ago, even yesterday's news that is outdated and of no interest.

Tonight this 9 hour-old post, made me smile and I am grateful to Facebook (shockerrrrr) that it showed up at the top of my news feed, because this - is, um, well written and could not be any more true and better said than anyone that I know.

It's "Pride" month and Boston Pride starts at the end of this week and this appeared at the right time. Be proud of who you are and who you love. Lets leave the labels out of it. Love is LOVE.

The person that wrote this is someone that I've known for a long time and her identity will remain private unless she chooses to broadcast her identity. She grew up around my family and has been part of my niece and nephew's lives since childhood.

Here are her well-written thoughts (With her permission, of course):

"DISCLAIMER: Facebook is for funny shit! and this will not happen again! and now the rest of you don't have to send me DM's asking what's up?

I fell in love with a woman, and I’m still in love with that woman. We are going to get married, have kids and do life together forever. I have no desire to be with a man, but I also have no desire to be with another woman. So, for me, it’s not about being gay or straight. It’s about being in love.

People ask me all the time, “So, you’re a lesbian now?” My honest answer is, “I don’t know, and I don’t really care.” I just feel like me. But to satisfy the need for people to understand, I may say yes, I may say no or I may say, “What should we have for lunch?” Sexual identity is confusing for people, because it’s not black and white (or gay or straight). We’ve been taught that we’re one thing or the other, and when you’re one thing, it’s really hard to understand what it must be like to be the other.

I believe we can fall in love with anyone at anytime. Straight, gay, bisexual and whatever else someone may be… we’re all the same. We all want love. Of course, a lot of lesbians label themselves as lesbians, and the same with gay men, however, that isn’t the case for everyone. But that doesn’t make their love and commitment any less real. I just consider myself to be the way I am right now, and that very well may last me the rest of my life."

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