July 1, 2011

Katy Perry, California Gurls

Katy Perry, California Gurls: Click on the link to scroll thru the Katy Perry album on Flickr.

Katy Perry rolled into Boston on June 18 and it was a fun night for all. All of us teenage girls, their protective moms and ahem, gay men.

In all of the many years of concert going, have I never experienced anyone make so many outfit changes. Katy takes that award hands-down. I'd estimate she changed outfits close to 50 times. . . no lie. Her latest hit, "T.G.I.F." while running around stage, she changed at least 10 times; easy, with pull-off dresses/costumes.

Her concert kicked off with "Teenage Dreams" and ended with her tour and album title, "California Gurls." And just like the video - foam/whipped cream was shot all over the audience along with a rainbow of glitter & confetti. As she she pranced off stage to end the night, she turned and looked at the audience and giggled at us in the midst of being rained upon.

The one thing that stood out most is her piercing blue eyes. You've seen them in pictures and on TV; they were glowing blue on stage, too. She is young, beautiful and very talented. She did not lip sync and her voice is only getting better and stronger. Katy stayed true to herself, her songs and fans. She is living her California dream.

Enjoy the pics - it was tough snapping them with a crappy cell/phone camera as Katy darted back & forth. . . but a fun night for all!


Via Flickr:
Boston, Massachusetts, June 18, 2011

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