July 7, 2011

Bank of America plans to cut more jobs in Mass.

Bank of America support in Massachusetts is waning.

On the jobs front, Bank of America's employment support here in the bay state is shrinking, but a company spokesman states charitable support is up. Taking food from one mouth to feed another, to me, isn't really growing your support in this region, correct me if you think I'm wrong.

From today's Boston Globe: Statewide, the bank employs 7,000, more than other retail banks in Massachusetts. That’s down from 9,000 in 2007. Company spokesman T.J. Crawford states "Our commitment to Massachusetts is stronger than ever and that is backed up by our local lending and charitable giving." Hmm. . . yet you're laying off people? Good job, T.J.!

Here's the Boston Globe's full article. I may have to re-think where I put my money and what bank to borrow from. I'd be happy to hear your thoughts, comments.

Enjoy the rest of your week!

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