May 10, 2011

Life Interrupted: Addiction Makes Another Appearance

While pumping gas tonight after the gym, I was approached by a young man asking for change so he could catch a bus and get home. I cannot tell you how many times this has happened to me.

I always knew these people are not "catching a ride." What they're doing is feeding their addiction for drugs and alcohol. Tonight it hit me harder because drugs and alcohol have had a detrimental affect on my family. More so now after having just lost my nephew Vance to drugs.

One thing my family and I have realized over the past 3 months during our grieving; More people dealing with these issues about a family member, loved one or friend, need to talk about it and be more vocal. There is nothing to hide. These victims of drugs and alcohol need help and not being vocal isn't doing any justice for them or yourself. There is no reason to be ashamed. It will help save a life.

There is help out there. Prevent. Intervene. Get Treatment. Recover. The Partnership at is here for all of us.

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