April 17, 2011

Brunch in the Bean: Union Bar and Grille

There are endless places for brunch in Boston. One of the places that I enjoyed brunch-ing at is Union Bar and Grille in Boston's South End. I am posting my review here to connect all my social media madness as I also yelp things from time to time. Feel free to follow me on yelp (you'll also see this posting there on my yelp profile).

Here's my review:

BRUNCH REVIEW, Union Bar and Grille - Boston

OK, I've been here many-a-time for brunch. I'd say the average has been a 3-star rating. Today tipped it to 2-stars/bordering on a 1-star.

Although wait time for brunch can be a challenge; today (4/17) they surpassed expectations and we got seated in a reasonable amount of time.

The service today was exceptionally lacking. There appeared to be enough staff but when I had to put my drink order in 3 times - and the wait for our food was longer than 25 mins, not good. The same for other tables. I couldn't help but notice, a lot of other tables had long waits for their food.

To frost this 2-star rating, 95% of our food, including the toast and muffin, was overcooked. Both my guest's and my eggs: overcooked. How does one eff up eggs? This isn't the first time at brunch Union failed at making eggs right for my visit. Take a look below at the image and let me know if those eggs (requested: over-medium) look appetizing to you?

I've never seen more shriveled up bacon and a lackluster display when our food arrived. Also, I was asked if the muffin should be served before the meal: "Yes." was my reply. The muffin came out after and was almost inedible. Even getting refills on water and coffee was painful.

I know you can do better Union! Please make note and fix this - it's been going on a bit too long. I'd suggest many other places in the So End where service and food for Brunch will surpass expectations.