March 30, 2011

Celebrating 30 Years of Vansome

This week we would have been celebrating Vance's 30th birthday with him. Friends and family have pulled together to honor Vance & celebrate our love for him with 2 benefits.

Money is still being raised for the New England Relay in which his loving sister Genevieve will lead in mid-June, 2011. Vansome bracelets are also available to honor Vance and help raise money for a Drug Free America. If we could save one life, get someone the help & support they need and most important, not have anyone lose a friend/family-loved-one like we have, Vance will not have died in vain.

There is a purpose for Vance's death. This week we celebrate his life and in doing so we will be helping others and hopefully saving another person's life.

I love you VANCE ~ you will always be in my heart, forever. Uncle Lenny XO

Events in the coming week and ways to support & celebrate Vance's life:

Sunday, April 3, 2011
“Dance for Vance” Benefit
Vance’s friend & co-worker Michelle organized a benefit dance in honor of Vance. The dance starts at 6 PM at Tommy Doyle’s in Harvard Square. Please join us, ALL are welcome! Learn more here.

Friday, April 8, 2011
Vance Ferratusco Memorial Benefit
Vance’s friends have pulled together a memorial benefit to honor him and celebrate his 30th birthday. Join us at Boston's Hard Rock Cafe on Friday, April 8 starting at 10 PM. Enjoy a performances by the Queens of Boston to celebrate Vance's life. The the DJ's that made this all happen, Greg Picariello and Joe Bermudez will be spinning the best music all night long - ALL are welcome! Please join us, won't you? You can learn more here.

“If love were enough, you’d still be here with us.”

Celebrate Vance’s life with remembrance bracelets in keeping his spirit alive. These purple bracelets are $5 with all the proceeds being donated to in Vance's memory and honor. His spirit will live on forever. If interested in purchasing a bracelet, please contact Stephanie Prince via a Facebook message or on Twitter @SimplySteph11.          

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Don't forget, Vance’s loving sister Genevieve and friends are running the New England Relay on June 11 and 12, 2011.
Genevieve Ferratusco and 11 friends will be participating in the New England Relay ( by running over 220 miles in memory of Vance Ferratusco calling themselves, "Team Vansome." All proceeds will support Partnership for a Drug Free America. Cheer them on, donate and learn more here.

Prevent. Intervene. Get Treatment. Recover. Let’s all work toward a goal for a Drug Free America.

Purple was Vance’s color. Wear it in memory of him and have compassion for others. Vance was passionate about tolerance and acceptance. He stood up to bullying and was an advocate for It Gets Better Project.

Vance Phillip Ferratusco
April 5, 1981 - January 26, 2011

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