June 6, 2010


Hello and welcome to my personal blog. Here I will talk about everything and anything. I was originally going to have a fashion blog but why not combine both? The fashion blog was going to set out and talk about fashion and the savings tips to get today's fashions at discounted prices.

So watch out for when I am on my fashion kicks from anything of just talking about fashion to saving money, shopping (which is big with me, until my money runs out) also the gamut; from work, family, the internet, pop-culture and what is going on with the world. Things that I want to have a voice about, I will most-likely blog. If I'm chatty it will be longer, if it's just a quick snippet to share links, pictures, a sale, so be it.

A little bit about me, I am second generation American as I grew up in a big Italian family in the Boston area. I've worked in many sectors from the govnerment/IRS, to a world renowned consumer packaged goods company, to high-tech and right now I work for a Fortune 500 US Retailer that has over $10B in annual sales.

Please stick with me and join me on life's journey. Oh! And feel free to follow me on Twitter, re-Tweet my blogs and leave comments. Thanks for visiting!

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